What does it mean for something to be Christian?

What does it mean for something to be Christian?

Something that is Christian, to me, is anything that is initiated by a Christian, claiming to have Christ-like values. Unfortunately, there are many initiatives that are claimed to be Christian that are not necessarily good in nature. They may have some good intentions, but the overall result is terrible. They hurt more than they help.

A Christian is not necessarily someone who has grown to full maturity in Jesus. A Christian is simply someone who has been born of the Spirit of God. Despite his birth, he can still go astray, if he doesn’t know who he is in Christ.

There are baby Christians, who have newly received the gospel of Jesus Christ. And there are Christians who are being fed baby-formula teachings, when they should be fed more solid food so that they may grow in the hope they have in Christ.

An initiative may be started by a Christian, but that doesn’t mean that it is trustworthy.

If the work is not initiated by the Holy Spirit, it will soon crumble to dust as soon as the person’s heart is widened with graceful understanding. Some have hardened their heart to remain in their errors, their infancy, rather than grow up by the grace of God.

A Christian doesn’t build the church of God. God build his church. A Christian is a member of the church of God through the blood of Christ Jesus.