The church doesn’t need revival. The world does.

I do not intend to offend anyone in sharing this, but I don’t believe that the church needs a revival. If the church has been made alive by the Spirit of God through the one sacrifice of Jesus Christ, would this mean that Christ needs to die again? By revival, would we mean that the church is dead and thus needs to be revived again?I believe what the church needs since day one is Jesus, to grow in the knowledge of Jesus by the Spirit of God.

A brother delivered a sermon earlier about Psalm 85:6, which says “to revive us again”, saying that the church needs a revival. Life is only found in the new covenant. Not a life that comes and goes but a life that dwells, that makes his home in our hearts: the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit. Under the old covenant, the Spirit comes and goes as the Lord wills it. But under the new covenant, the Spirit comes to stay for all eternity by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

My friends, it is the world who needs a revival and not the church. The church is alive by the blood of Christ and needs to grow. The world is dead and needs to come back to Life, by means of reviving. Jesus is that Life the world does not have but needs. Jesus is that Life the church has and needs to be reminded of this truth by the Holy Spirit, day after day. Amen.

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