when disappointment follows praise

Praising God without joy is like drinking lukewarm water. People get tired of doing it, and can’t wait to see it over.

Some praise God for a new car, but then later find that they can’t continue the payments on the car.

Some praise God for finally graduating from college, but then later find that employment is nowhere to be found.

Some praise God for a new addition to the family, but then later find that the expenses are quickly multiplying.

All those things can be praised, but they’re nothing like the sacrifice that opens the door for us to freely receive eternal life. They’re all for a time, like seasons. But for all eternity is the blood of Jesus which sustains our righteous standing before God.

Have you ever praised something or someone just to be disappointed minutes later?

If the object or subject of our praise has ever been anything that could be taken away from us, then Jesus is our new subject of praise. We are best to hold on really tight to him because he’s with us, he’s in us, and he’s here to stay. He’s got us in his grasp, so we are to praise him, we are to praise his presence in us. We are to testify what his presence has done for us that nothing else could ever do. We are to praise him and worship him because he is worthy of our praise.

The joy to praise God is Jesus. He never disappoints us, and always deliver as promised.