it’s done, already.

There’s a movement out there claiming all the following and more:

“God will open doors for you”
“God will make a way for you”
“God will deliver you”

As you can see, the movement tries to make it about God and you, minus Jesus. Rather than telling you what God has done for you, it makes you anxious about hoping to see what “God will do for you”.

Another movement is about you pleasing God to measure up to Jesus, minus the Holy Spirit.

People like hearing about what God will do for them. But few are aware of what God has done for them. If only they knew what God has done for them on the cross of Jesus Christ, then they would have no need to be told that God will deliver them. Why? Because God has delivered them already, way back on those two wooden beams, and out of that grave.

God paid the debt and gave them the new life in Christ Jesus.

By Jesus’ death, the debt is paid. By his resurrection, the hope for the new life is delivered. By the arrival of the Holy Spirit poured into the heart of the believer, the new life is delivered.