It is finished.

Jesus came to this world to be earthly and heavenly. He was earthly when he sat down to eat with at the tables of Pharisees as well as tax collectors. He was earthly when he paid taxes and mentored the disciples as his own children.

He was heavenly when he prayed to God, his Father, and healed the people of their infirmities.

You can’t come into this world and not be earthly. You’ve got to eat, talk, interact with people, make friends, have a family, suffer, rejoice. But it takes someone from heaven to come down to earth to teach us what heaven is like.

Jesus is the one who teaches us that we shouldn’t be ashamed of being human, for he too was human. He also taught us that we shouldn’t be hopeless of being heavenly, for he filed and signed all the necessary paperwork, his body bleeding out on the cross.