The truth holds me together.

If the brakes of my car do not truly work, when I press on the brake pedal the car will simply keep on going.

If the disinfectants in the OR room do not truly work, the next surgery is very prone to inducing infections.

If the money that I hand to the store for the goods I’m buying is not truly valuable, they will likely alert the authorities on me.

Jesus said “I am the truth”. He means that every portrait of truth points to Him.

The glue works because Jesus wants it to work.

The plane landed safely because Jesus wanted you to experience the collaborative work of truth in the natural.

Our relationship with God works because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth,  binds us to Christ and the Father.


When something truthfully works, I thank you Jesus, for holding it together. Now I know your salvation of me works and I thank you for holding that together above all. I know the love of God for me works, and I thank you for holding that together too. Jesus, I thank you for holding me together. Amen.

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