God cares so much, I want to cry.

God cares for us so much that he tells us to listen to his son, Jesus-Christ. And Jesus cares for us so much that he tells us to believe in God and believe in Him, and to listen to his Helper, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit cares so much for us that he unceasingly teaches us and trains us in obedience to God.

Live, love, rejoice. These are the new commands from God.

God cares so much for us that he speaks to us. He doesn’t gain anything that’s not already his, by speaking to us. Sometimes, he speaks with us. We start talking not knowing what our next word will be, and he just put it onto heart. It’s so beautiful. God’s words are like the right mix of different color producing unimaginable shades of light. When God pauses his speaking, we go, “Wow!”

God paused his speaking, when Jesus died on the cross, Christ being his word. And a representative of mankind went, “certainly, this man was righteous”. He resumed speaking when He raised Jesus from the dead, out of the grave, onto his seat next to him on the throne of glory.

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