Before and after.

Before you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, only churchgoers will maybe hear what you have to say out of respect of knowing you as one of them. And most of the time, you’ll have to repeat what they’ve already heard thousands of times already. Any new subject is seen as a breach in the trust to keep things traditional.
After you’re filled with the Holy Spirit, only believers thirsty for Jesus will care to hear you. They can’t stand the stale repetition of traditions. They want every subject concerning their lives addressed with the message of Jesus Christ. They don’t want complexity. They want simplicity. They don’t want arguments. They want deliverance from their doubts. They don’t want someone puffing up in what they learned at the school of man. They want someone who has been transformed by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, God’s wisdom and knowledge, who is Jesus Christ our Lord.
Without Jesus, our bullets are only empty shells. But with Jesus, our bullets have the Holy Spirit built-in to penetrate and disintegrate every wall, every disease of the mind, every disease of the body, every burden that the soul can ever experience, so that we can live and live abundantly through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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