That’s the Haiti I know.

I just learned from my son last night that his teacher had told him that Haiti is the poorest country in the world, or the western hemisphere like the media would say it over and over again. I told him that the teacher doesn’t know what she was talking about. There’s even this news report from a US media that says Haitians are eating trees. The ignorance level around the news report is enough of a cry for help to the news station itself, not to Haiti rather.

There’s always this emphasis on Haiti being poor by the very ones whose aim is to steal away every resource that Haiti might have. I said “steal” because whatever the deal, Haiti always gets the low end of the bargain. The leverage is always this: “You sell to us, or you don’t sell at all”. That’s been the trend since the time of her independence.

Many wicked things happen in Haiti just like everywhere else including the US. What I do know is this. The majority of Haitians have character. They might not have it all, but they know what is good. And when they’re not allowed to buy it, they made it themselves from scratch. I can’t complain about the politicians in Haiti because they probably have done far much more than I could ever have. Yes, they may be filthy rich but I didn’t decide that to be such and not part of my oversight.

What I oversee is this. Haitians, for the most part, care for their country and their countrymen. Some will go as far as giving up their lives believing that such thing would make a difference. I’m proud to meet a Haitian abroad whenever and wherever.

Even though there’s not much that man can do about his own situations, I’ve seen Haitians individually overcoming all odds and succeeding unnoticed. There’s a reason that Haitians have to succeed without being noticed. A successful Haiti is in no interest of the major international players. The so-called poverty of Haiti has as root the US economy. What more could one expect?

The wealth of Haiti? Not one individual can measure. Haiti truly gained her independence as soon as her inhabitants were allowed to travel and prosper abroad. Put together the wealth of funds, knowledge, and experience of the diaspora as well as the mainland’s, that should give you an idea of how immeasurable her wealth is.

Haiti sacrifices many chess games, just to allow a few of her best to go beyond her bordering waters and prosper.

When the land has been ridden of her visible natural resources and is now laid bare, oil is what they’re after beneath that deserted land. Very soon, it will be a dumping site for radioactive materials. Man doesn’t have the solution but simply makes matters worst.

Haitians have dreams like everybody else. And no it’s not to stay where they are but to progress. And those dreams are often shattered by the very ones who claim to be helping.

I talk about Haiti because I’m Haitian. At least, I can do that on her behalf, be the voice that very few care to listen to.

Many great initiatives are taking place in Haiti, but you’ll only get to hear about the ones that will cause her goods to be undervalued and sold at far less than the bargaining price.

That’s the Haiti I know.

As Christ once said, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” (Luke 12:15)

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