When Enough Is Not Enough, Christ Is Enough.

The day is never enough for work. The night is never enough for rest.

Jesus calls everyone who’s seeking rest from the day, and those seeking rest from the night.

Jesus calls everyone seeking rest from their struggle with death, seeking rest from struggling to live this earthly life.

Jesus calls everyone seeking to rest from trying to please God, and those seeking to rest from chasing after perfection.

Jesus calls the weary.

Are you weary? Are you weary enough yet to listen to his call? Are you disappointed enough yet in the false promises of this earthly life? Are you broken enough yet to admit that you need to be melted altogether to be made a new creature? There’s not enough tape to hold each of our broken pieces together. But the blood of Jesus melts us together and formed one new creature out of all of our million shattered pieces. The blood of Jesus forms the church. The life of Jesus forms the church. Life is in the blood. Eternal life is in his blood.

Jesus calls everyone, because everyone is broken, and everyone is weary. Jesus calls everyone because he alone is the eternal rest of everyone.

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