Sharing light and salt is caring.

I love the church. I have no other option but to love the church.

Sometimes, God favored me being physically at a pulpit before a congregation to share His joy, Christ His Son, who is my joy.

And I’m not limited to sharing such joy only at a particular day, place, time, or a specific group of people. Everybody wants joy, and everybody needs joy. And only Christ can be such a joy to anyone.

One of the reasons that I do not have in my heart to be limited to a specific regional congregation in sharing such a joy is that when it comes to sharing the truth, I do not want anyone to believe that I have any other motive for sharing the truth other than the joy and freedom and peace that come from the truth alone.

Some congregation leaders feel obligated that they have to know the ins and outs of every attendant’s life in order to share encouragement to them. In reality, you don’t. Just share your story. Share what and who encouraged you and how He encouraged you. That should be enough. That should be enough, even for visitors. The what should be the gospel. The who should be Christ. The how should be the love of God.

Forget about other people’s business, share your joy, Christ Jesus. Sharing light and salt is caring.

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