An amazing thing happened.

So many folks want to be your best friends. So many want you to rely on them. So many also want you to be there to support them. The sad truth is that neither you nor they can consistently be there for each other.

Times will come where you will have fallen asleep just when they so wanted to have had to you awake. Likewise, you will have hoped that others would still be around in your most needy situations.

When God said to not trust in man, it’s not a plea to detest man. It is a plea to save you from unnecessary disappointments.

Nobody. No one. Not a person could have done what God had done for me and you through Jesus. People fled. People lied of ever being associated with Jesus.

Regardless of what people hope for you and me, however good they mean it to be, they will have to reach a point with you and say, “Sorry, I can’t go any farther than that.” It’s not that people are mean, but rather that people are weak and powerless in general.

People who love you will eventually have to say, “I’m sorry. I’ve got no more strength left me. Go on without me.”

I trusted in men so much. Being inspired by men’s willingness, everything seems so achievable. “If it’s achievable, then why aren’t we achieving it?” I’d often ask.

The sad truth is that though it is achievable, we are without strength.

The good news is that our lack of power could not discourage God from loving us. Our lack of strength could not keep Jesus from going up that cross. Our determination to nail him to a cross to be bled to death could not keep God from raising Jesus to be our very advocate again.

When we were found to be weak, powerless, without strength, an amazing thing happened.

“For when we were yet without strength, in due time Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6)

To what aim? Why did Christ die for the ungodly? Why?

To demonstrate God’s love for us in freely giving us complete forgiveness of all our sins.

There came a point when God revealed to me men’s limit, men’s weaknesses, and why men cannot achieve the very things they so want to achieve.

The good news is that what is impossible to men is possible with God. Jesus said that. And he said it right after Peter asked, “then in this case, who then can be saved?”

God can do and has done the impossible. Can God die? It is impossible for God to die. yet, Jesus, being God, freely died and came right back to life. The things that are possible to God!!!!!!

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