Only in the gospel that I learn that God loves me.

When I first heard the gospel, my first reaction was, “why had I believed otherwise for all this time?”

The gospel was right there in the Bible. Yet, each time I read the Bible I was more into hoping to prove that I know enough about what is written than to live in joy because of what is written.

When I first truly heard the gospel, I strongly believe that everyone else, all my friends, would easily hear and rejoice as I was rejoicing. That wasn’t quite the case. In my older days, I would read the Bible, then believe what I had always believed, meaning what I just read would have zero effect on any existing beliefs I had.

It’s good to memorize the verses of the Bible. But memorizing those verses without understanding would be like staring at the verses themselves without paying attention to what is written and how it applied to me.

When I first truly heard the gospel, only then I could say in my heart, “Now, God truly and completely makes sense to me.” I could say that because only in the gospel I learn that God loves me.

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