By grace through faith

To live through faith simply means to live through the hope we have in Christ. Nothing less, nothing more. Some used to live by rules and regulations hoping to be made perfect by them. Yet, rules and regulations only lead to condemnation. But faith instructs, faith comforts, faith lovingly leads, faith endures, faith sees even in the darkest moment. Living through faith simply means to be hopeful in the unveiled love of God, Christ Jesus, crucified as sin to set us free from bondage to sin, resurrected as Lord to forever be our provider and provision to each and every need of the new mankind.

To live by grace simply means to live through the hope that grace, the Holy Spirit, is teaching us daily, the hope unveiling how applicable Christ is to every aspect of our lives, being in us the ability to breathe despite our earthly circumstances, despite being found in the belly of the fish or in the raging furnace or on the bleeding tree or in the belly of the earth.

Living by grace through faith in Christ Jesus to the glory of God, meaning to be causing others to come and know God by the finished work of Christ unveiled by the gospel. Christ Jesus, the glory of God, the full image revealing God at every measure.

Because of the unveiled love of God, we now know that life in God is not by any measure of time and works, not by Moses for certain moments and circumstances, but by Jesus and his finished work depicting his love for us from eternity to eternity.

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