How to welcome the gospel

How do you welcome the gospel?

By believing it to be true in essence, and also believing it to be true for you.

Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?
Do you believe that God sent him not to condemn but to save you?
Do you believe that he broke your enslavement to sin by the means of his death on the cross?
Do you believe that he was buried?
Do you believe that God rose him from the dead to be your master instead of sin?
Do you believe that you don’t have to act based on your emotions anymore but instead based on the freedom that his Spirit living within you teaches you daily?
Do you believe that because of Christ in you that you are free to love, free to live, free to forgive, free to endure, free to be content with Christ alone regardless of what the circumstantial life of this earth may throw at you?

If you had answered,Yes, to all those questions, then by grace through faith, God’s gift to you which empowering you to answer positively, you have welcomed the gospel. You can rest from seeking to know what men think and cling instead to what God knows. God knows that he loves you and that He alone is your new Life in Christ. A granular portion of God’s wisdom and understanding surpasses all understanding and wisdom that men can altogether come up with because Christ Jesus is the full wisdom and knowledge of God.

Had you struggled to answer positively any of the questions above, I hope and pray that God, by his mercy, empower you to do so as soon as this very minute so that you come to know that you are free to enjoy Him for His will is not that you perish in hopelessness, but that you come to the full knowledge of His love for you, the love that nothing can ever separate you from, not even your failures, not even your successes.

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