Trauma, a seemingly inescapable realm that only Christ can and will lead us out.

Traumas happen by the milliseconds. Even a recalling or retelling of a trauma is a trauma in itself for all parties including the observers or listeners. The mind has to take things into consideration however impossible or horrible such things are just so that it would gather some form of understanding of their possibility. This is how the law is very detri-mental to the hearers because, if they can, they have to briefly and mindfully live the possibility by imagination to at least grasp a slight understanding of the law, regardless of what it regulates.

Paul laid it bare in saying that sin was taught to him by the law of Moses.

Spending most of our time telling a child what he or she shouldn’t do will often cause the child to remember what not to do. And the remembrance alone may cause uneasiness to the mind of such child leading him or her to anxiety. So the child in the end, seeking to escape from such prison, finds joy in forgetting what he or she shouldn’t do and proceeding to act without much thinking of repercussions. Just imagine you had to ask yourself, “What if…” of everything you’re about to do. Thinking of all the wrong things that could happen might cause one to redirect focus from consciousness to subconsciousness.

The mind is like a hot piece of coal, or a frigid piece of ice. It’s either extremely hot or cold, and yet has to be handled and cared for it. It wants to leave its imprints on everything by any degree and be influenced by everything at any degree.

Now, just imagine how the mind is continuously traumatized by new information and recalling of old information. Have you ever seen a couple argue while watching a movie due to disagreements of characters’ behaviors? Have you ever cried watching a movie, documentary, or reading a news article leading you to live something by imagination? It’s not the content that caused the issues, but the mind. It’s the understanding that the mind relays to your whole self that made it unbearable to endure without crying.

PTSD is very likely an issue for every human being with enough understanding to have experienced discomfort in one form or another.

“Trauma produces “a re-calibration of the brain’s alarm system, an increase in stress hormone activity” and, also, “compromises the brain area that communicates the physical, embodied feeling of being alive,” as van der Kolk wrote in the linked article below.

Treatment starts with awareness and seeking help. Healing is a whole other topic. No lasting healing exists in this lifetime. Only Christ truly heals with releasing us of the past with no remembrance of such and preserving our minds and hearts by his joy and peace and our hope in him for eternal life.

In the book of Revelations, Christ had John write that there will be no more tears, no more night. There has to be a total makeover of the human mind for tears and nights to be eradicated.

Christians, though we are new creatures in Christ, we live daily the pains of the old creature. This is why the comfort, the understanding and clarity of the Holy Spirit in this lifetime is so important to us even as we’re being treated of the pains we’re enduring. The true healing occurs when no more tears, no more death, no more nights are anywhere to be found.

New York Times article, “How to rewire your traumatized brain.” (

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