The biggest deal, Our resurrection.

Thoughts can be very hurtful. Reality is even worse.

When Christ many times spoke of his upcoming death, it seemed to have been a casual reference but yet was not a pleasing thought for those who’ve been with him since the beginning. Christ then stood firm to advocate his death as one of God’s plan.

But when the reality came, even Christ petitioned for an alternative within His Father’s will. When the sufferings lingered, he cried his lung out asking His Father, why was he separated from Him.

Death is not a joke. It can be misunderstood and thus ignored or belittled. It can be wrongly assessed by a number.

When Job was separated from all, the agony of an abandoned husband amplified by his physical sufferings, the agony of his wife as then consequently a childless one, caused him to petition for what he has always feared: his own death.

When the disciples gazed at the sky seeing Jesus ascending into the heavens, when John on behalf of all the disciples said, “Jesus, come”, it was a plea for them to see an end to separation, an end to being reminded of Christ having once been separated from them.

The more of a deal death is, the biggest of all deals the resurrection will be.

Mon Sauveur m’aime,
Malgré mon indignité,
Toujours le même,
Plein de pitié.
Il voit ma souffrance,
Il enlève mon souci,
Son amour immense
Est mon sûr abri.

Jésus, Jésus,
Qui peut sonder son amour?
Jésus, Jésus,
Je t’aime en retour.

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