Why do Christians sin?

In the Bible, Christians, those who, by the power of grace, have come to believe in Christ Jesus, are metaphorically presented as Children of God. Their gathering, structured as a body known as the church, is portrayed as the wife of Christ Jesus. They’re also known as the children God has given to Christ, the brothers of Christ, the redeemed of Christ.

It’s quite important to understand the Christian’s identity before we understand why Christians many times act like the world.

Christians like those who do not believe in God shares a similar component called, “conscience”. And Christians, like any other human being, are held by the world to act in accordance with their conscience. Therefore, since Christians were to be born by the Spirit of God to have their conscience newly nurtured with their hope in Christ, they too have to mature Spiritually as they are obligated to do so naturally.

The difference between a Christian and a non-Christian is what they have in their conscience. Having the hope of eternal life through Christ Jesus because of the love of God makes all the difference. Christians, by career, are professionals in every branch of the industry. But above all, Christians have in their conscience to hope in God through Christ Jesus for all their needs.

So the question remains, “Why do Christians sin?”

Many professionals, even non-Christians, can explain the phenomenon when considering how Christians are identified. So if Christ himself doesn’t sin, why do his followers sin?

Christians is identified as the bride of Christ. Yet, prior to such identity Christians were identified as having an alliance with Sin. They were always counseled by Sin, led by Sin, and trained by Sin to do anything that serves them no good in the end. Because of the early marriage to Sin which Adam and Eve had accepted supposedly by their own intelligence, their children were to be rendered under the terms of such marriage covenant.

As Christ came as a man of no affiliation to Sin, and yet died in the place of all mankind to put an end to our covenant with Sin, he also legally “became” Sin died as Sin. Therefore, we as children of Sin died in Christ when he died on the cross. And because our conscience had been trained, programmed, influenced by Sin, it has become a second nature of ours even as we’re made Christians by God.

Sin was a harsh husband and always demanded beyond what we can attain. And as Christians were legally divorced from Sin by God through the death of Christ who had become Sin on the cross, we still maintain a second nature of our prior husband. First, we wrongly believe that Christ, as our new husband, would treat us as Sin had mistreated. And it takes time and revelations to understand that our resurrect Christ Jesus is not Sin and will never become Sin. It takes us time to accept and fully grasp the love of Jesus and step out of the demanding roles that Sin, our former husband who’s now dead to us, had always laid on us. This is why Grace is daily at work, training us in the love of God, the freedom of God, the peace of God, the joy of God, the endurance of God, through Christ Jesus, our loving Lord. Christians are in recovery, enrolled in Spiritual therapy led by Grace, the presence and work of the Holy Spirit within.

From the perspective of newly born children, Christians are to be understood as not fully matured out of the womb of the Holy Spirit. Because the fallacies of our human conscience, Christians have to be told the same thing over and over again to help with maintaining the hope of eternal life in their conscience. The songs and preaching and prayers are all aimed to do one simple thing, nurture the mind, nurture the conscience with long-term exposure to positively influence the sub-conscience where we often find the residue of the influences of Sin from the prior slave-master relationship we once had with the “late” Sin.

Christians continue to sin because it’s their second nature or sub-nature, though not their only nature because they’re in Christ, hoping in Christ. Christ had suffered because of his human nature, though it is not his only nature for he is God also, and his hope is in his Father who is God, and not a man. Christ never had and could never have had Sin as a master and therefore never sinned. Christians, when exposed to fleshly challenges, often seek to address them by fleshly means because for years and years that’s all they were trained to do. Whatever the challenge is, as Christians, our initial reaction is fear, depression, anger, anxiety. And many times, we react in such manner without taking our full conscience into consideration. We often forget Christ, his love, his peace, his ever-presence and the purpose of his presence. Yes, Christ is in us. Yet, our conscience has to be made aware of such by the minute through meditation, songs, sermons and prayers. Out of everything being fed to our conscience, out of everything our conscience is being stressed to maintain, the presence of Christ, the love of God, is the very least among them all. We don’t see Christ eye to eye. We don’t hear Christ like we hear the noise in our surrounding. We don’t touch Christ like we’re touching our own hands. Yet, by revelations after revelations taught to us by the Holy Spirit, we’re held accountable to remember Christ through such revelations. And it is only when we remember Christ in all fullness, do we “feel” at peace again to not have to engage the same fear, anger, anxiety, hatred, depression that we were initially led to.

The world sins because the world is blind in understanding and without any lasting hope. Christians, on the other hand, sins by lack of maturity in the Spirit. For as soon as we’re reminded of Christ as our hope in God, as soon as such is revealed to us again as the only thing that matters above everything else in our conscience, we’re fine again, at rest.

So how come Christians are not condemned as the world? Simple. Hope of Eternal Life through Christ Jesus. Christians have it as a gift. Non-Christians don’t know it, can’t know it, reject it even when offered because they cannot accept or welcome that which they do not and cannot understand. The world is condemned by their stance of knowing it all when they barely know their right from their left. The world is condemned by having their conscience helplessly reigned over by everything that leads to death, reigned over by Sin, reigned over by fear, hatred, anxiety. Sin leads to death, not eternal life.

As Paul once said,

“But the gift is not like the trespass. For if the many died by the trespass of the one man, how much more did God’s grace and the gift that came by the grace of the one man, Jesus Christ, overflow to the many!” (Romans 5:15)

Christians sin by lack of maturity in the Spirit. They divinely grow out of Sin but into Christ day by day by grace through faith. And such maturity takes place by the Spirit. As newborn naturally mature, a Christian is to spiritually be matured by the remembrance of Christ Jesus maintained alive in his or her heart by the Holy Spirit.

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