Deep freeze


The dangerous deep freeze can also make it difficult to keep your home warm. To avoid a loss in heat experts recommend replacing your furnace filter and keeping vents clear. Also lower blinds and close drapes.

Take precautions for your home for the deep freeze

Prepare your home before deep freeze sets in

Before going to bed, raise your thermostat a few degrees to help offset the inevitable loss of heat. If you have a high-efficiency furnace, clear the intake and exhaust of snow and ice, which could pose a carbon monoxide danger.

To keep your pipes from freezing, experts say to trickle your faucets. If they still freeze, never thaw pipes with an open flame. Use a hairdryer instead.

If you’ll be out driving during the deep freeze, experts say to make sure your vehicle is ready for it.

Keep your tank at least half-full, replace the car battery if it’s old and add some extra air in your tires.

Officials recommended drivers plan their route in advance and tell others where they are going. Lastly, keep your cell phone charged in case something happens”


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