Jesus sets us free and keeps us free.

People with a general legal background may have a chance to better explain Paul’s illustrations of freedom and justification in his letters to the churches whenever he references to the law and our standing following the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It’s one thing to be set free. It’s another to be kept free.

Jesus said that the one who is set free by the Son is free indeed. In simpler terms, Jesus said that he sets people free and keeps them free. Free how? Free from the judgment set forth through the law.

Everyone who’s in jail at the moment may wish to get out. Some have tried breaking out to only be caught again for longer sentences. Some may have broken out and are currently in hiding fearing recapture. Some are released but are barred from living like anyone who’s never been in jail. They may even find themselves as restricted as when they were in prison. For this reason, there may be some prisoners who understand that freedom without justification is almost no freedom at all.

Speaking of Jesus, Paul reminded the believers of this note as a fact:

“He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.” (Romans 4:25)

Jesus, in legal term, suffered our sentence, what we legally deserved having been either a foreigner or a citizen of the land, an inhabitant of a dusty body.

Jesus, having been raised to life, came back not as one to die again for the sins of others, as in purification from sin for others, but one to live continually without the possibility and need for him to ever die again.

Now, if some prisoners were offered the choice to be released without the possibility of anyone to ever arrest and incarcerate them again while they go on and live their lives, this would seem a much better option above all other deals. Unfortunately, by human means, we have yet to facilitate it, see it or even hear of it.

Raised for our justification, raised to make it impossible for us to be judged by God again, since God’s judgment on Jesus for us not only suffices but also exceeds the requirement of the law against both the citizens of the land as well the foreigners.

He sets us free and keeps us free. That’s Jesus. That’s who he is. That’s what he does. All to convey to us the true picture of His Father, His God, God. Such true picture is love. Such true picture is mercy.

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