Believe In Jesus, God’s Favor In You.

Sometimes our worship programs are none other but emojis that are meant to hide our true conditions, hoping to show others that we got it, “it” being the favor of God. In the end, they convey a message that leads to nowhere.

We would shout empty words, words without the conviction that comes from love and peace.

Fear, fatigue, foolishness are all mashed together to serve us motivation, strength and purpose.

Not everyone feels like Jesus is watching over them as he watches over the sparrow unless they’ve experienced something dramatically positive. People mostly feel like others are watching them and are therefore found pressed to do something, anything, without any true purpose, without any true motivation, without any true strength.

Emojis. They speak of our insecurities more than they convey the message they were meant for. Our prayers, lengthy and filled with words. Our singing, lengthy and filled with noise rather than truth. Our preaching, measured and filled with fear rather than joy and love. Our testimony of each other? Filled with past observations rather than “loved by God in Christ.”

Without the Spirit of God, no one can know God enough to truly be grateful for what He has done in Christ Jesus with the new covenant.

The favor of God is not some random act by God to those who seem to have it together. The favor of God is what he did through Christ by his death, burial and resurrection to our benefit for the sake of His Name. The favor of God is Christ Jesus himself.

Worship, Live, Give, Hope, Pray, Rejoice, Suffer In Spirit and in Truth. The Spirit that came through Jesus. The truth that came through Jesus. All to the glory, the revealing of God in Jesus.

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