a nation’s betterness means another’s deprivation

There is this notion that world peace can be achieved, meaning all the nations of the world can agree on something without trying to take advantage of each other.

When a nation’s betterness means the deprivation of another, I might ask myself, how will such world peace ever be achieved?

Ships capsized, neighborhoods destroyed by forest fires, planes disappearing, children born without limbs, children diagnosed with adult illnesses.

I believe that the peace that this world needs is not the peace that it can achieve on its own. I believe that it’s not the peace that it can grant and take away at will. The peace that this world needs, I believe, is the peace that only Jesus can give and the peace that only Jesus will give.

Typically, a suicide-bomber is rarely found in family unit. But, at times, the frustrations and confusions that the family has to endure almost resemble the things destroying lives in this world. Things like greed, hatred, dissatisfaction, envy, anger, they all influence our lives both at the macro and micro level. While you may not be greedy yourself, you might be suffering as a result of another’s greediness.

So what’s the answer to all of this? Jesus. He controls everything, even the wind.