Christ, my freedom of God

Christ is very unique. He never had any sin of his own. He never had to apologize to anyone because he is not merely human, but also God, being the Son of God, fully indwelled by God. The faithful servant, he is called.

As for me, I have erred, I have sinned many times, but Christ is my freedom to not fear of condemnation, Christ is my freedom to repent, Christ is my freedom to apologize, Christ is my freedom and strength to say “I’m sorry” without trying to justify myself or what I’ve done wrong. That, is the freedom of Christ in me, to live abundantly and repent as soon as the Holy Spirit convicts me of my sin. Therefore I boast in Christ who saves me and keeps me in God by the Holy Spirit guarding my heart day in, day out. Thank you God, thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, Amen.