Christ, my only true lifeboat

At the pace that this world is moving, anything can happen at any time to anyone anywhere on earth.

Even to Christians, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. The only thing guaranteed to Christians is eternal life.

“whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (from John 3:16)

Wherever you are, just remember.

Believe in Christ to be at peace. There’s no haven on earth. Every human being living on the face of the earth is exposed. But in Christ, we are guaranteed a new life, a life that will never end.

The earth today is like the sinking Titanic. You know the ship is sinking and you don’t want to call death on yourself. But you know that sooner or later this ship will be swallowed into the belly of the ocean. By then, nobody will have a tale to tell. But those who believed in Christ, when the time comes, they will have a new body that will never see death again.

That is the only guarantee we have in Christ, even while standing on this sinking ship called earth. Even while playing the string instruments when others are pulling their hair out, shooting one another for a lifejacket that will only hold them afloat in the freezing water.

If there’s ever any true lifeboat, it is Jesus Christ; He is my life boat. Because of Christ, my hope is no longer in this sinking ship. Because of Christ, my hope is in God. The one who knows the day I was to be born, and the day that I am to leave this earth. I know that I, too, will soon have to go, however God wants it to be. But I know that it will be for the better. For it will be one less person worrying about his last day. Until that day comes, I wait on God.

Thank you God for giving me Jesus as my lifeboat to carry me to you. Amen.

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