with exception to Christ, repentance is for everyone including me.

Everyone should be looking to be rescued from whatever errors they’re suffering. Everyone should be looking for a way out, after having taken the wrong road. It’s called repentance. And unless God sets our heart and opens our eyes to see the wrongness of our actions, we’ll continue to dwell in our errors and hurt ourselves and others in the meantime.
By the world’s standards, I should be a very happy man. To this day, I have a job, a loving wife, three wonderful children, a roof over our heads, and no lacking when it comes to food. I do have bills also, and who doesn’t? All these things can disappear at any moment.
What keeps me up at night, what grieves me, is when the Spirit reveals to me one more depth of the errors within the church.
The moment I was baptized with the Holy Spirit, I felt relieved to have stopped practicing those errors myself. But today, my longing is to see my brothers and sisters in Christ be set free from religious bondages as I am today. It hurts me to see Christians promoting those errors. It hurts me to see Christians putting their hopes in those errors. I can’t simply close my mind and think that these issues will go away by close of business.
Don’t get me wrong. Even those who have been baptized with the Holy Spirit make mistakes at times. But they are not to dwell in the mistakes. In fact, they are to pray and hope of being set free from those mistakes so that they can readily glorify God of how wrong they were and how God, how Jesus, how the Holy Spirit has set them free from their mistakes.
People put their hope in those very errors. There were many things I didn’t know about the church, and I don’t mean her salvation. Those errors which keep adding up consist a majority of those things. I want to see the church content, satisfied based on God’s love for her and not based on how successful the fundraising was.
I can put a clear tape over my mouth, but I can’t put one over my heart and mind to cease caring for the church.
Most so-called leaders largely intimidate those who’re following them. They fear being questioned. They fear of being found wrong. So they spent countless hours trying to convince you of how wrong you are. And if you have amassed enough guilt from them, then you might just leave them alone.
Repentance is for everyone, with exception to Christ himself for he has no sin of his own of which to repent or seek repentance.
“Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first. If you do not repent, I will come to you and remove your lampstand from its place.” (Revelation 2:5)
The lampstand is those filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with the fire that shines for the building up of the church. Jesus can move them around to other places, others thirsty believers as he sees fit.

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