Am I a child of God?

Do you believe Jesus is the son of God? Yes!

Do you believe he died to forgive all of our sins? Yes!

Do you believe God raised him from the dead? Yes!

Then you must be a child of God!

Only the children of God would believe such a thing.

“How can you recognize the Spirit of God? Every spirit that agrees that Jesus Christ came in a human body belongs to God.”‭‭(1 John‬ ‭4:2‬)


  1. Being and knowing I am a child of God is so comforting. Especially after growing up with a father who treated me poorly and a mother who turned the other cheek, and now, having been rejected by both when I tried to include them in healing from that trauma. God is good. He never fails us, always fights for us, never leaves us, and loves us always.

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