How much does it matter?

Our salvation is secured apart of our understanding and knowledge of it.


And for those of us who are of age of understanding between good and evil, the knowledge and understanding of our salvation save us from a lot of unnecessary suffering.

God didn’t just save us and have Christ sit next to him. He also sent the Holy Spirit to give us and teach us the knowledge of his salvation of us. For a two-year-old or a newborn, knowledge of such things may not matter much yet. But for someone being careful with his actions in trying to avoid evil while hoping to do good, such things matter very much.

Thus, this is why it is so important to have our minds fixed on Christ for as long as we’re alive. The Holy Spirit is in us to help us do just that. For Christ is our hope, our joy, our peace, our new life, our God, our everlasting Father, our Savior, our friend, God’s advocate on our behalf.

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