The freedom of Christ overcomes all my fears.

There’s only one thing that can keep anyone from intentionally lying. It’s the peace of Christ in their heart. Without being at peace because of Christ to be at peace with oneself, people will try anything to address their anxieties, and that includes lying or intentionally sharing only part of the truth and not the whole truth.
My wife may not know this, but the greatest compliment that I have ever received from anyone, is from her. That compliment was mentioned in her conversation to another in my presence. She said, “Samuel doesn’t lie. If he said it, he’s not lying” (at least not intentionally). Among all people, I believe that my wife, Aliette, has seen in me something that many others maybe have failed to see. She has seen how I enjoy the truth, how I’m at peace with sharing the truth, and how I have almost zero fear, if any at all, when telling the truth. When I tell the truth, even if it means admitting my own weaknesses, God is my strength and wisdom to unveil and expose them to demonstrate my freedom in Christ, freedom to admit my own weaknesses without attributing it to another person. In admitting my weaknesses, Jesus is praised as my deliverer from the consequences of such weaknesses. He is my strength to gladly expose my humanity and be reminded once more how he is everything to me, even my rescuer from my own self.
That wasn’t always the case for me. There was a time when I would worry and evade the truth. There was a time when I would fear the consequence of telling the truth, and lie. But Christ has changed all that. His Spirit has set my heart at peace so much that when someone wishes to expose me to lie, I overwhelm them with the truth and state with joy and simplicity. These are some of the things that a heart regenerated by Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit can do and enjoy day after day. All because God loves us and wants us to live freely by his power, freely by his peace, freely by his joy.


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