I was asked for my talent, and this video earned me an honorable rejection. (Matthew 5:3-16)

“What is it that I have as a gift, as a talent, and believe that some folks would be pleased to see or experience? It’s Christ himself and his love, joy, and peace that He freely gives me as God so chooses.

In my younger years, I played bass guitar, acoustic, and soccer, and maybe some piano. And I used to be wowed by what others could do with a soccer ball or a particular instrument. But not anymore. Today I’m most interested in the joy and love and peace Christ brought to my heart. It’s not something that I perform myself, but rather something he already performed and which I enjoy having and sharing with all who are thirsty for such. In short, my talent is the living and sharing the gospel of Christ, using words if necessary. I rarely touch a musical instrument or a soccer ball today. The thrill that I get from remembering God’s love for me personally is no match to anything else I could ever do. And thank God that he helps me remember that each and every day.

God so wanted me to live a forgiven life that he caused Jesus to die in my place, and to give me a new life led by His joy, His love, and His peace for me. Personally, nothing I could ever perform could match that. Since Jesus came into my heart, I had stopped performing but genuinely living each and every day. That is something that my performances of old would never allow me to have, which is lasting joy, enduring love, and settling peace that only Christ can give and has given me. Well, that’s my talent, Christ himself, living him and praising him at each moment. My talent is not something others would see me performing, but rather enjoying. And I hope that as I enjoy it myself others would become interested in experiencing it and thus enjoying it themselves. That’s it! Thanks!”

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