To comfort me, God gave me Jesus.

Almost every morning I would go through a ritual of a cup of coffee and a piece of bread. This was the first sign of providence by God that continues to bring me back to the days when I was growing up. The good mornings we would have coffee and bread as our breakfast before we head to school or to play with local kids outside. On better days, we would have it with some evaporated milk for the coffee and butter or peanut butter for the bread. On the best mornings we would have Swiss cheese for the bread. The sweet smell of freshly brewed coffee on charcoals. That once-in-a-lifetime combination taste of coffee and peanut butter. These things unceasingly point me to the good days of my upbringing. So most mornings I find myself recreating those former moments of divine providence while gazing at my own kids calling me Daddy every two or three seconds, as I behold my wife, beautiful wife, serving me companion at the kitchen table and keeping me afloat with her smiles and the sweet melodies coming by way of her voice with every word she would say. I am truly seated in heaven.

When Jesus worked out every miracle, it was to show that God was right there with the people, walking among them. The dream of a fisherman is to catch so many fish to the point that his boat is overloaded to sink. The dream of a born-blind person is to have “sight”, something he hears people talking about but has no idea of what in the world it is. The dream of a prostitute woman is to be treated with respect, with love, and compassion. The dream of a mother carrying his one and only son to be buried is to see that son alive again. The dream of caring friends is to see their critically ill friend to be made well again. Jesus is the bridge to every dream we ever had. It takes a longing for joy and comfort and peace of mind to have sweet dreams.

Jesus has fulfilled every single dream I ever had, and then he woke me up giving me eternal life, the Holy Spirit. Looking at where “I am” and where I used to be, only Jesus could bring me to where “I am”.

Only Jesus could have brought me to God. Only Jesus. Not my dreams. But Jesus. My dreams were only a reflection of who God is. The God of comfort. It is with tears of joyful thanksgiving to God and to Jesus and to the Holy Spirit that I must say, to comfort me, God gave me Jesus.

Jesus once answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

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