Christ? He’s peace, not just a feeling of peace.

I usually feel at peace when someone agrees with me. But then I would watch that peaceful feeling walking away as soon as disagreement comes.

I usually feel at peace when I’m in the presence of everybody who knows my name. But then again I would watch that peaceful feeling slipping away as soon as a stranger starts mingling with such crowd.

I usually feel at peace when the bills are paid. And once again, I would see that feeling speeding off the moment new bills are added, and the due dates for the recurring ones are soon to be here again.

Some find peaceful feelings in fame. Others, in money which might translate to affordability. And others, in seeing things in the order they had once hoped.

All these things give us peaceful feelings because we stress so much over not having them. So as soon as they’re here, we feel relieved.

Show me one person on this earth who is not stressed out. Show me one person who truly doesn’t care about anything in this life, despite the fact that we bud in the morning, bloom at noon and dry up by nighttime to be thrown in the fire, the challenges of life.

Christ has been through that fire. And as the Fire above all fires, he once walked into my fire and sat down with me and took me with him on his way out.

That is life on this earth. Thank God that it is for a short time. But eternal life is for as long as God lives, as long as Jesus lives, as long as the Holy Spirit is Lord. Praised is his name, Amen.

That feeling of peace? Here today, gone tomorrow. But Christ? He’s peace, not a just a feeling of peace, but a gift of God.

“Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1)

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