To where do you want to go?

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

The word of God: Jesus (from John 1)

This statement is true for anyone to anyone.

From the moment we were born, we’ve been flooded with advisers. Our parents, our family, our relatives, our peers, our teachers…they all additionally share this in common: guiding our feet and path by their words.

The question is, “To where do you want to go?”

Many destinations are in line: peace, joy, love, forgiveness, safety, long life, worry-free living, savviness, etc…

As we explore the advisers, each seems to be an expert only at one destination area even though the expert don’t seem to have yet reached the destination himself.

All those destinations, when put together, lead to only one person: Jesus.

The first chapter of the book of John, from the Bible, tells us that Jesus is the word of God.

If you want to reach all those great destinations, one lamp is sufficient: Jesus. Only one ticket is essential: Jesus.
Only one road matters: Jesus.

All those destinations are found only in God through Jesus.

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