I finally have a place and someone that I can represent: Jesus.

I am thirty-five years old and yet without a country. If I were to return to Haiti today, a place that I left over twenty years ago and have not returned since, my steps would be much more uncertain than a foreigner’s.

Jesus came and made everyone a citizen of Heaven. His blood is their passport. And His covenant is the constitution detailing and guaranteeing their birth rights as citizens of Heaven.

I know some friends who were born in some distant lands but of native Haitian parents. Although they speak Haitian Creole as much as they’ve learned from their parents and surrounding Haitian community, they would cringe at the thought of representing Haiti in any capacity whatsoever because they themselves have very little knowledge of the country.

I have very little knowledge of Haiti. I have very little knowledge of the United States. Where does that leave me? Nowhere. Which of the two can I represent? Neither.

Have you ever been to a place where you feel like you don’t belong there? Adam probably felt the same when God kicked him out of Eden for Adam to work the soil himself.

I’ve gotten most of my formal education here in the US. I’ve gotten married to my beautiful wife and together we’ve had beautiful children. The only place that I feel I truly belong at times is in their presence and the presence of close relatives and siblings. One thing that surely comforted Adam a bit is that he wasn’t alone. He always had Eve to return to whenever he left for work, and also his kids to contemplate.

I have found a tremendous amount of comfort in representing Christ. It’s beautiful. It’s the most beautiful thing ever since it gives me so much joy to do so. Christ is my country. In Him, I truly feel that I belong somewhere. He doesn’t give me weird looks. He doesn’t expect me to keep up a certain appearance. He doesn’t expect me to sound politically correct, but simply shares what and who rejoices my heart, Him.

Because of Jesus, I truly feel and know that I belong somewhere and to someone. I belong in Him, I belong to God. I finally have a place and someone that I can represent: Jesus.

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