Us knowing God thrills Him.

I could have been a guy fishing in a water not too promising of fish. Maybe I was, in some form or another. I could also have been a representative of a government loathed by the community. Maybe I was, in one form or another.

What matters is that when Jesus came to me, He had the brightest smile ever. The kind of smile describing someone who’s joyful. It’s contagious. It kindled my curiosity to know why such a joy was flowing from Him to me. Then, like many others who received the call before I had any hearing, I heard him said with much joy and anticipation, “follow me…”. I was caught with the conviction in his voice, the fearless tone in his speech, the peaceful understanding that came from everything he said. And I did. I followed him. It was the best thing ever, and still is.

This is the typical testimony you will hear from everyone who has genuinely met with Jesus, who has seen Him in their spirit, heard and received His call to follow Him.

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” (Romans 8:16)

What thrills God is us knowing Him. Much joy comes from us knowing Him and Him knowing us.

As God said, “Let not a wise man boast of his wisdom, and let not the mighty man boast of his might, let not a rich man boast of his riches; but let him who boasts boast of this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the LORD who exercises lovingkindness, justice and righteousness on earth; for I delight in these things,” declares the LORD. (Jeremiah 9:23-24)

He sent Jesus to earth to help us do just that, to know God, and to know Him, his Son.

Have you ever asked someone: Do you know “so and so”? With such a question, you send the person and instantaneous journey of digging out of all the moments having to do with that other person.

If you were to ask me: “Do you know Jesus”?
My absolute answer would be “Yes! I know Jesus! And let me tell you about Him. And let me tell you what He did to me and for me. And let me tell you who else I know because of Him.”

And the day would not be enough for either of us to recall Jesus through who is to me and what He has done for me to prove His love for me and His Father’s love for me.

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