It’s like sparks.

Sometimes, we need to allow others to vomit their heart out in order for us and them to realize how sick they are. Forcing someone to hold in what needs to come out is never a healthy way to prove our point at anything healthy.

And whether the vomiting happens publicly or in private, there’s still a need for healing.

If they’re wrong, let them realize themselves how wrong they are, unless they’re asking you for help.

So many times, I have to remind myself that my kids are not as mature as I am. And I am not as mature as many would expect me to be. I need to learn just as much as any of my kids would need to learn in order to grow in understanding.

One of the main points of the new covenant is that because of the Holy Spirit dwelling in the believer, the believer is no longer obligated to wait on a particular person to teach him of God before he can learn anything. This doesn’t mean that we don’t listen to each other. But the teaching is actually being done by God. When one is joyfully engaged in sharing his hope, his joy and peace in Christ, the one listening is learning just as much and thus growing in the Spirit.

“No longer will they teach their neighbor, or say to one another, ‘Know the Lord,’ because they will all know me, from the least of them to the greatest.” (Hebrews 8:11; Jeremiah 31:34)

When you see how God is teaching you from a believer’s heart to your heart, it’s like sparks. That’s the work of the Spirit. One mind. One Spirit. It’s very refreshing.

We can harden our hearts toward the desires of the flesh, to not give an opportunity to evil to thrive, or seemingly steal the glory and praise. But to each other, we are to open our hearts in love, joy, peace and the hope we have in Christ.

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