Jesus is our peace in all circumstances, not the sweet dreams.

I will never forget the night that I prayed to God to make me have sweet dreams. I must have been around seven or eight years of age. That night, I had decided to be smart and in my “bedtime” prayer, I ask God to give me sweet dreams. I had the exact opposite kind of dreams, being chased by scary figures or characters. Until the day I entered the grave, I will never forget this moment of asking God for something specific and being given the exact opposite in return.

Even in my older years, I always reflect back to that night, as mysterious as it was. A life-long lesson for me was to be learned: God doesn’t take orders. And all the time that he had given me sweet dreams, it was never at my asking, but at his willful giving. So, as I grew up, He taught me that life on this earth doesn’t consist of sweet dreams alone.

I had found those dreams then to be scary simply for the fact that I had not yet known who God is. I hadn’t yet understood who Christ is to me. In my infantile mindset then, I had concluded that life in this world was all about everything beautiful and not ever the ugliness.

I’ve had dreams that portrayed to me fears or concerns I never knew I had or should have. Then as I woke up, I found myself at peace in who God is and what he has done for me through Jesus Christ.

Anything can happen at any moment. We call those moments living nightmares. Yet, being foretold by Christ that situations as such could happen at any moment, we can only be made prepared of such event if it was to happen. Not that we hope for them. But regardless of what happens, Christ is our peace because He is God in nature, just as powerful as His Father, and thus is the resurrection. He is alive and he holds the key of death. He is our peace in all circumstances, not the sweet dreams. What more do we have to worry about? Blessed be his name, Amen.

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