Jesus is my strength at everything, including being merciful to others.

It hurts me very much when I hear what others are suffering or have suffered. I think you’d have to forget that you’re human, to not feel the pains of others as if they were your own.

Christ clothed himself with humanity in order to experience the full measure of our weaknesses, the full measure of our pains.

So if anyone says that Christ knows nothing about pains because he is God in nature as well, then I have to say that such person is wrong at what he’s saying.

My friends, Christ is the only one that can make things right. And with his death on the cross, he makes everything right. With his death on the cross, Jesus makes everything right.

It’s not right to sin, but it sure shows you how weak you are and strong God is. In this world, if I get up every single day and not do anything wrong, very soon I will be merciless to others. Very soon, I will expect others to do just as I have. So, when I see my own weaknesses face-to-face, I realize that I am no different than others.

Every night, through visions, I find myself in the world of others. Every night, I find myself reacting in ways that I would not had it been my conscious world as I know it and have been taught. Some would call it nightmares. For me, it’s not nightmares. It’s training. Training by grace. Grace has to reveal to us the full measure of our weaknesses so that we do not go in boasting of our abilities or achievements because even in our dreams we fall short.

Every person is in their own world. When you’re transported by the Holy Spirit to live the world of another person, a world without hope in the gospel, a world without anything that you’ve ever been taught since infancy, when you find yourself in such a world, you will exercise in ways that you had told yourself countless of times that you would never engage.

Be merciful to others.

“Accept the one whose faith is weak” (Romans 14:1)

“We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak” (Romans 15:1)

I have flesh and blood. I am as weak as Judas. I am as weak as the most wicked person to ever live. Yet above all, I have Jesus and thus I am as strong as He is because his presence within me is strength. My strength is not in my flesh and my blood. My strength is the blood, the life of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, within me. Blessed is his name in all circumstances, Amen.

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