Free by him, free to him, free for him, free in him.

One of the greatest fears that every Christian goes through at some point in their life is the fear of being alone.

Rightly, we want to be left alone when no one seems to understand or care about what we’re going through, like in Job’s cases or our cases many times. To not add insult to injury, it’s best to be left alone.

Yet, being left alone is almost an indication of rejection at times. And nobody likes the notion of being rejected. Because of such, some Christians through the flesh fear of losing the companionship of others. It can be that of their parents, siblings, close friends, spouse, and even their children.

As Christians, we have the ability to face our fears face-to-face, because we have Christ in us, in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, being in us the peace that surpasses all understanding and knowledge.

For a very long time, I never knew that. For a very long time, I never knew or was never made sure that Christ is in me. Because of the lack of such knowledge, I allow others to abuse me fearing that they would leave me or reject me if I hadn’t allowed it. Those others would be every and anybody in my circle of influence.

But when I learned through the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ, the one and only gospel, through Basic Gospel, when I learned and was made sure by his presence within me that he’s in me to never leave me alone, I immediately was released of all the bondages that I had subjected myself to in order to retain the companionship of others.

When we fear the loss of other’s companionship to us, we’ll do everything and anything to seek to satisfy their expectations of us. But Christ set me free. Free by him, free to him, free for him, free in him. This I celebrate day after day by his grace working in me and through me for his glory. Blessed is his name. Amen.

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