A remembrance is what we need daily.

We don’t need a Back-to-School sermon to calm down anxieties of parents, teachers, students, bus drivers, etc… What we need instead is a recalling of the gospel that says that God loves us and cares for us regardless of the season.

We don’t need a sermon hoping to guide spouses to treat each other. Instead, we need a recalling of the gospel reminding us that all of us are loved by God. Since we are loved by God, each and every one of us, we have the highest respect to behold and judge each other by which is the love of God.

We don’t need an election season sermon to be supportive of one agenda vs. another. Instead, what we need is a reminder of the gospel which tells that we are loved by God and that whatever follows that Christ is in control always to the glory of His Father from eternity to eternity.

We don’t need a “how-to-do” sermon, but a “what’s been done in Christ by God and why” sermon so that our hope remains secured not in things that pass but that which has no end, God’s love for us.

A remembrance of the gospel is what we need daily.

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