The gospel represents Christ Jesus and no other man.

The main problem with the Bible is that it causes its readers to try and emulate all the characters from Genesis to Revelation. Every reader, whether they like or not, whether they call themselves an atheist or not, eventually gets sucked into trying to live their lives in a manner that is better than Adam, better than Eve, better than Cain, better than Abel, and so on. And when the reader gets to Jesus, he sees Jesus as just one more character and does the exact same thing as and then moves on to live his life better than the disciples. Eventually, we run out of characters and feel self-righteous because we “know” better than the ones who came before us.

Imagine Paul teaching the Law and the Ten Commandments to the Gentiles one day, week or month or year and then he progressed to the gospel the next period. Imagine then someone honestly telling him, “why did you spend all this time teaching us something that we are not to put our hope in any more?”

Every reader first sees the Bible as compilation of great stories to learn a valuable lesson from. So everyone makes it their goal to learn as many lessons as possible so that they would then become more favorable to God. It’s almost to say, “I didn’t sin like Adam, or Eve or anyone else found in this
compilation of documents therefore I must definitely be a bit more favorable to God than those who came before me because at least I learned my lessons.”

Unimaginably, there are readers of the Bible who have attained such level in their minds thinking that they’re definitely better than Jesus either for “not having made the mistakes that Jesus did” or “for doing things better than Jesus did.”

Every reader of the Bible first sees it as a How-To book, like “Idiot’s Guide to God”.

What’s a bit depressing is that Christ said that the gospel would be preached to the ends of the earth. Not the law, but the gospel. Yet, somehow someone wanted the gospel to be credited to the law which came before and thus suggested it to be benefiting to publish what is old with what is new, separate it in print with a sheet of paper but under the same cover coined it the name, “Holy Bible”.

It’s almost hearing someone saying, “I’ll give them the gospel, alright. And I guarantee you that if I add one alphabetical letter to the gospel, they will pay a lot more attention to that single letter than the gospel itself. And what better way to assure such distraction than to use the words that came before the gospel which God no longer wants them to pay attention to anymore.”

So after all the readings that seem to move us closer to God, the gospel became irrelevant because all other readings other than the gospel tells us what to do to move closer to God, to be closer to God. And this is how and why the gospel, today and for many centuries that came and left, seem entirely irrelevant to the mind of the church.

As a result, we long to be treated like those who came before us. We ended up longing to see the passing glory of what was, while forfeiting the glory of that which never ends.

“There’s no other name by which man can be saved”, this was said to disqualify every form of character emulation that was going on when it was said. No other name than Jesus.

No other name of Jesus.

John entirely unveiled the true Genesis by saying, this “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and the Word was with God in the beginning.”

Our hope is not to be in how well or how better we can do than those who came before us. Our hope is to be in the love of God, who is Christ Jesus. Any other form teaching to be biblical, that’s all it is, “biblical”, as in “found written in the compilation of documents which were never meant to assembled and delivered as a how-to guide.”

If making Bibles was such a “Holy” work, why did we stop making them? We should have kept on making more Bibles, except that due to fear of the Church, we call them “Commentaries”, “Published sermons”. Our sermons probably should be known as Epistles, letters written to the church to strengthen their faith.

You see? As soon as we start accrediting God’s work to man’s efforts, we totally miss and disregard the very purpose of the gospel.

It’s Jesus and his gospel. Not us and the Bible.

Our testimony is Jesus and his gospel. Not us and the Bible. And we dare not credit the Bible for the gospel. The gospel came and was preached way before the Bible ever existed.

Mixing the old with the new is never such a good idea. The Bible is a prime example.

The gospel represents Christ Jesus and no other man.

The same publishers who believed that the Bible is the work of God, will soon publish a compilation of every forms of belief and call it “One God”. And everyone will love it because they will “their” god being honored, praised and glorified. By then, the gospel will seem much more entirely irrelevant to the mind of the church in such a way that the church will be much busy at making much every “form” of god is honored in their worship.

The gospel alone will remain and save men from peril. Someone will ask, “Where’s the lamb who was slain?”, And Christ will make his triumphant appearance.

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