Rest in the gospel, my friends. Rest.


I’m not anti-Bible, but I’m anti- several evil applications and considerations of the Bible. Many have pigeon-holed into one verse to sow discords based on that one verse. Without the understanding that only the Holy Spirit provides, like a knife, the Bible can be and has been used to cause harm rather than perfect joy and peace to the minds and hearts of mankind.

We can read all the Psalms we want in our times of trouble. But if we don’t read the Bible through the eyes of the gospel, we will not know the proper place of anything that we’re reading and will keep on taking Tylenol pills even after the headache has long gone. Our headaches and worries and fears of every kind and any kind were put to rest by the death of Christ on the cross followed by his burial and resurrection.

By the grace of God through Jesus Christ, I have stopped believing in praying to be protected by God as religion had once taught me.
By the same grace, I have stopped believing that if I give anything in a collection plate that it will be so that I gain more.
By the same grace, I have stopped fearing the challenges of life.
By the same grace, I have stopped causing fear to others and instead joy and peace and new life through the eternal hope the gospel has served to my hearts.

They could change the translations and wordings of the Bible, and I couldn’t care less because the finished work of Christ works, the blood of Jesus Christ has been shed, and as Paul had once put it, “God was in Christ reconciling the world onto himself, not counting their sins against them.”

And John said it as such, “God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world.” Now, what more should I be worrying about? If death is a gain to me, and that he works everything to my benefit, what more do I need to fear and worry and be anxious about?

Rest in the gospel, my friends. Rest. Like a little child believing what is said to be true, rest. Because, the gospel is the whole truth.

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