Not our will, but his was done.


Self-will can never lead to salvation. It can lead you to what you think is best for you like it did to Eve in the garden of Eden. Agreeing with the fact that someone had died to pay up for one’s wrongs can never sit right with any man since it would result to guilt and self-condemnation saying, “How could I have been so bad that it took someone to die in my place to clear things up?” Even others could get offended and that it’s not right that Christ who had no sin of his own became the sacrifice for others’ sins charging them up on his should to suffer death.

Thankfully, God’s thoughts were never our thoughts. As Peter had said to Jesus as it concerns the sacrifice that was to remind us of our salvation, “Never, Lord! This shall never happen to you.”

But when the disciples had asked Christ at some other occasion “who then can be saved?”, He answered, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

God’s will: infinity for all eternity

It is finished. The race is over.

God’s will won. Thank God that His will, the new covenant, Christ Jesus, is in effect.

We rejoice by his will revealed by grace through faith in Jesus, Christ Jesus. Not our will, but his was done.

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