Rejoice in the light of God’s love, Christ Jesus.


Sometimes, if we would take into consideration all the possibilities that we know of so far, we would have been grateful not just for what we have but also for the giver who freely gave us what we have. If only then, we would rejoice in God who freely gave us His Love, Christ Jesus, in whom all non-perishable things are and hold together, rather than keep on murmuring about the enemy who wants us to either believe that we have nothing or that whatever we have is insufficient for us.

After seeing the light, Christ Jesus, there’s nothing worth bragging about or boasting in concerning the darkness.

This vaguely reminds me of an article I read recently about two athletes who met at a final of a tournament. One won fair and square, and the other lost. Yet, the organization who put together the tournament expressed their dismay at seeing the outcome of the game. They literally went on talking about the loser, praising the loser and how disappointed they are at seeing the loser lose.

Christ Jesus cannot be compared to the devil because one cannot compare the Creator to the created. If we were to inaccurately assess what rolled out with the birth, the death, the burial, and the resurrection, the ascension, the in-dwelling of Christ through the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all who believe in Him, by using terms like winner/loser, we would have to understand that Christ had always been the winner from eternity to eternity and that the devil had always been a loser from the time he had been created and will always be such.

So there was not a battle between Jesus and the devil as some wish to believe. When Christ commanded the devil to flee, it wasn’t a dare but an order. Hence, the unfairness of comparing the playout of our salvation to that of the two athletes at the final game of the tournament.

All the glory is to God through Christ by His Spirit as testified in the gospel. And yet sometimes, we go on and on and on complaining about things that fall short of our expectations, forgetting that God works everything to our benefit.

Enough about us or what we’ve done. By grace, the strength and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we keep our eyes on Jesus, the Gift that keeps on giving.

Church, though you see and hear and feel many reasons to complain, rejoice in what you’re not seeing with your eyes, what you’re not hearing with your ears, and what you’re not feeling with your natural senses. Rejoice in God revealing to you His great Love that he has always had for you from eternity to eternity.

Rejoice and share with the world the good news of God’s love for them. God’s love, Christ Jesus.

Rejoice in the light of God’s Love, Christ Jesus.

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