We’re never alone.


For those of you who are familiar with the record of Genesis depicting mankind as a work of God, when Adam and Eve went into hiding after realizing the side effects of their acts, God didn’t condemn them. They condemned themselves.

When God set the punishments for all parties involved, God knew the punishments for Adam and Eve would come to an end because they would not be living forever under such punishments since their physical death would mean an end to both the hard labors of mankind and the painful labor of childbirth of women. Yet, the punishment for the devil remains sealed and will be upgraded at the proper time.

God condemned sins, not sinners. God’s mercy and love is for mankind, not for the devil. Even when Adam and Eve were to become tired in life, God would still cause the soil to yield its fruits even out of season. It’s God’s mercy that shows mankind how to temporarily ease the pain of childbirth and all other paints altogether.

God never left mankind. But due to the fear of punishment that came as a result of suffering the first side effects of sin, mankind maintains in his mind that God has left him when he’s suffering, or that God is near him when he’s happy. The whole truth is that God never leaves us alone. And that is the core message of the good news that Christ Jesus came to help us reconcile to.

Because of Christ, the knowledge of the love of God for us leads us to endure our sufferings knowing that they are to come and go. But He came to stay and comfort all of us in the person of the Holy Spirit in us.

Rest and rejoice in the knowledge of the love of God for us.

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