Bitter moments sober up.


When having your tea, have it bitter. When sweet things come along, they’ll be much appreciated. And when bitter things come near, they’ll be no surprise or disappointment to you for the bitter taste will have already been a companion on the road.

Sweet things often excite, while the bitter ones sober up.

Our weaknesses are altogether a testament to our need for strength, lasting strength, Christ Jesus.

Our challenges are here to help us grow. As soon as we learn from such challenges, they seem to be no longer a challenge at all, at least to us.

God by his grace in Christ Jesus, his consistent and dynamic presence through His Spirit to the testimony of His Son, never leaves us alone but always works everything to our benefit to unveil to us the many layers of His glory, the glory that altogether reveals that He loves us from eternity to eternity, the glory of the death, the burial, the resurrection, the indwelling of Christ within our minds, hearts and bodies through the person of the Holy Spirit, the return of Christ in all bodily form to render us that which our faith in Him entails, completeness beyond imagination.

Rejoice in your sufferings for much need to be learned, starting with His deep, deep love for us.

Rejoice and endure by his joy in you.

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