The free gift of God that satisfies all the needs pertaining to mankind.

How would you feel if the bank mortgaging your house or the landlord who leased you the space to stay was to come to you and declare to you that you no longer have to send in your monthly payments, and that all your expenses are fully paid for and that includes your rent or mortgage, your food, clothing, health expenses, school, any imaginable expense, all fully paid for?

Some of us would say that this is quite doable by simply getting incarcerated and have the government cover all general needs including shelter, food and clothing and whatever form of education to which one has access while behind bars.

The difference here is that you could maybe decide to leave your house or apartment believing that there are better deals out there. You could also seek to make your own living by trying to go back to your old ways of living at your own expenses. And yet as soon as you’d realize that those ways were becoming too burdensome for you, you soon remember that you have a place that’s been given to you with all expenses paid for and that such place alone, whether it’s the apartment or the house, is your refuge.

Paul in his writings said that,

“God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:19)

God can be imagined as the ocean of which no man can stand on one side and see the other side. And mankind can be imagined as the empty glass. God, full with the knowledge of his love for men. Mankind, hopeless and thirsty in soul without the knowledge of the love ❤️ of God for them.

The work of God reconciling the world to himself in Christ is the work of bringing to the world 🌎 the knowledge of his love for the world to the world, bringing his essence, his fuel ⛽️, to the world so that the world is no longer found empty without the living hope, but filled with such knowledge which casts out fear, anxiety, shames, and hopelessness which are altogether burdens to the souls of mankind.

When God discounted the sins of mankind against them, he brought their sins back to the sins’ rightful owner who is Sin the person. Christ who had no sin of his own became on the cross Sin the person and received back all the sins of mankind, all acts of disbelief in God carried out through mankind, and the death that follows sins like an end that follows a beginning. Having returned to Sin all of its fake products along with the payment for such fake products, God overwhelmed Sin’s expectations and depleted Sin of the need to ever sell its fake products ever to mankind.

Sins belong to Sin. Even after such work by God in Christ, mankind continues to seek to believe that the products of Sin are still valuable as they seem. And it is the imparting of the knowledge of God’s love to mankind that rejoices mankind, that keeps mankind to no longer believe in the deceiving ways of Sin. And it is through the gospel of Jesus Christ such knowledge of love, such knowledge of emancipation away from Sin, such knowledge of being relieved from the burden of Sin, such knowledge of exoneration is delivered to mankind.

As testified by Matthew, Christ once said to Peter,

“Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” (Matthew 16:23)

This rebuke was for Satan and not Peter. This concern Peter delivered to Christ was not out of the love of God for mankind but out the fear, anxiety, shame and all the fake products of Sin of whom Satan is the master.

People’s sins were counted against Christ Jesus on the cross, not against them.

The reconciliation of the world to God is the restoration of the knowledge God’s love for the world where the knowledge of good and evil once reigned which is the heart of the soul of mankind. Knowing we’re loved by God as the Gospel of Grace has so testified we’re set free to rejoice in the abundant provision of God, Christ Jesus, to whom we belong from eternity to eternity.

By the grace of God in Christ Jesus, be reconciled to God in welcoming and rejoicing in the knowledge of His love for all of us, Jews and Gentiles alike, the free gift of God that satisfies all the needs pertaining to mankind. Satisfaction at last.

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