He wants you to love him, not fear him.

Did you know that you can’t take what someone says and then turn it into a law? If you were to do so, you’d be establishing that someone as a Moses over your head.

Did you know that Jesus never wanted people to treat him like Moses? He never said to stone or hate anybody who doesn’t listen to the gospel. On the contrary, he said to love them, to be patient with them, to be merciful to them.

So often we treat the words of Jesus as if they were from a book of law, but instead they are encouraging words to help us live life to the fullest. The words of Jesus are not words that bind us to fear when we forget them, or refuse them. They are forgiving and merciful, not heartless and condemning.

So often we treat the words of the apostles as laws, when all they really are encouraging words to help us grow in the hope we have in Christ.

Many times the church sent issues to Paul to judge. Many times the church kept asking Paul for his opinions. Eventually Paul said:”if you have any reason to complain about anyone, forgive as God forgave you in Christ.” (and leave me alone with all your issues you bother me with day and night). Be content with Christ, not my approval or judgement.

I used to treat Christ like Moses. Christ is not the new Moses. Jesus Christ is entirely different. He is much more caring, much more forgiving, much more understanding.

The church altogether needs to stop treating Jesus like their new Moses, thinking “I’ll obey your words or else I deserve to die.” No! Jesus is life. His words are life. He has no plan to destroy you but to build you up in Him. He wants you to love him, not fear him. There, you have it.

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